The Career Office

The Career Office at the University of Rijeka was founded in early 2009 within the framework of the Tempus JEP project “ECAS – Establishing Career Advising Services at Croatian Universities.”. The service is focused on final-year students as well as undergraduates and graduates, basically, on all those who want to prepare for the job market in good time. In addition to that, the service also provides employers with relevant information on quality staff with necessary competencies.

The main activity of the Office is linking students with potential employers, that is, linking the University of Rijeka with the business sector, with the purpose of increasing competencies and skills necessary for successful employment of University of Rijeka students.

The Career Office offers professional guidance, advice, and orientation to students and graduates, informs students and graduates about the requirements and positions available in the job market, encourages all forms of employment and creates new development opportunities based on good communication with the community at large.

The Career Office is a part of the developmental strategy of every University that wants to be seen as an institution with a European dimension whose students and employees actively participate in scientific collaboration at the European and world level, and whose alumni can compete with any and all competition within the European job market. All this is made possible through linking and long term collaboration between the University and business sector.
In addition to individual counselling the Office provides students with workshops on the following topics:

  • Self-evaluation
  • Writing a CV and cover letter
  • Interviewing with potential employers