New Visual Story Elements


A press conference on the occasion of the presentation of elements of the new visual concept of the University of Rijeka – the new official UNIRI website, two mobile applications (UniRi and MenzaRi) and the ''Kišobran'' (Umbrella) project – was held on Monday, October 22nd, 2018, at the Student Center’s Café ''Akvarij'' at the UNIRI Campus. The applications were programmed by Milan Trbojević, Ivan Ćaleta Car and Ivan Zubak, students of the UNIRI Department of Informatics.

Professor Snježana Prijić-Samaržija, Ph.D., UNIRI Rector, stated: "The University of Rijeka is proud of the fact that the students played a big role here and contributed a lot. The visual elements are primarily directed towards the student population as the main users and were hence created for their needs. Given the mutual technical dependence and its content, the website will start operating successively in the next month or so.''

The ''Kišobran'' project was presented by Mr. Renato Stanković, an assistant at the Department of Cultural Studies of the UNIRI Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The design solution for the new website was designed by Ms. Lea Jurin from the Mikser studio. Ms. Jurin explained: ''We added a bit of turquoise to the design – it is a more modern and accessible color, compared to the blue one which is corporate. The main symbol of the new design is a droplet because the city of Rijeka is known for its sea, rain, the Rječina river ... and movement in general."

The new website will have the so-called prospectus, a kind of interactive calendar, and the whole website will be interactive and open. The new website should be available online for about 20 days.



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